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State Report Manager (SRM)

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Definition: SRM is ESP’s product for exchanging electronic data files from schools and districts to state education agencies to meet reporting mandates.

What This Means: SRM’s is unique because it accomplishes not only more efficient submissions of electronic records from local districts to states, but significantly enhances the quality of the data exchanged. SRM employs a simple user interface that allows local data providers to run trials of their data against the state’s business rules before certifying their submission as compliant and ready for use by the state. The great advantage for the state is that when they receive the data, they are ready to do their own work as opposed to spending months cleaning up local data problems. Data quality is achieved when each person handling the data at each level understands the rules for quality, sees the level to which the data meet those rules, is responsible for meeting the rules, does so, certifies the data before sending them on, and ensures that the data in hand meet the rules for any future uses.


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