Ed-Fi Services

Ed-Fi Powered Dashboards provide educators access to historical, timely, and predictive information on all students. Educators can use Ed-Fi Powered Dashboards to help manage academic performance and address the needs of students throughout the year.

Contact us to access a sample of an Ed-Fi Powered Dashboard to see it firsthand.

 What is Ed-Fi?

  • – Ed-Fi was developed by the Ed-Fi Alliance and funded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.
  • – Ed-Fi seamlessly and securely connects educational data systems.
  • – Ed-Fi empowers school administrators and educators with an integrated picture of multiple categories of student data.
  • – Ed-Fi Alliance developed the foundational code which we call the core and provided it to a community for Ed-Fi licenses for free. ESP expands and enhances that platform to meet the needs of a client.
  • – To learn more about the Ed-Fi solution, https://www.ed-fi.org/

Ed-Fi Dashboards 

  • – “Ed-Fi Dashboards have become a valuable tool that state and local education agencies have implemented to get actionable information into the hands of teachers and administrators,” said Chris Moffatt, Technology Director, Ed-Fi Alliance.
  • – Ed-Fi Dashboards include user-friendly interface that provide educators an integrated picture of student performance based on their data.
  • – Much of the data is pulled from the SIS vendors including attendance, grades, discipline, credits, transcripts, etc.
  • – ESP has enhanced the dashboard to load and render State Assessments, Local Assessments and College and Career Readiness data.
  • – Data is provided in the dashboards in near real time, so that staff has the latest information at their fingertips to help their student population.

Ed-Fi Training

ESP has a team dedicated to training for the dashboard systems.    They work with school districts to provide specialized training on the Ed-Fi dashboards including hands on training and training videos.  In addition, ESP has partnered with Canvas to provide professional development training for teachers on the Ed-Fi dashboards

This will be deployed for a current client for the 2020-2021 school year.

Ed-Fi Customer Support

ESP has a dedicated team to provide customer support for its clients Ed-Fi user base.

The team provides one on one assistance with districts to set up their Ed-Fi product and work with the districts to make sure the data published from the School Information System (SIS) into the Ed-Fi data systems is functional to ensure the data is current.