2022 STATSDC Virtual Exhibit Booth

ESP has worked on-site with every SEA. Well, there may be Somoa to go. We have personally managed data “from secretary to secretary”—that is schools to the US Department of Education. Over our 30 years, we have aligned and mapped all standards, past and present, to your mandates, elements, collections, reports. Interoperability, data governance, data quality, project management, and data-driven decision making are fundamental to our solutions.

ESP Solutions Group, Inc. (ESP) is solely focused on improving the quality of education data. We design and deliver solutions that you can maintain either independently or with us as a partner. We collaborate with our project partners to optimize the collection, management, reporting, and use of data within local and state agencies. Since 1993, we have advised school districts, all state education agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education on the practice of P20W data management. We are nationally recognized experts in implementing the data and technology requirements of state accountability systems; the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Ed-Fi, EDFacts, Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF)/Access 4 Learning (4AL), and Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). The EYE is our current newsletter with timely insights.