“The new DataSpecs feature is exactly what I was looking for and it works perfectly!  This will make updates to collections so much easier now.”

– Joseph Cowan, EDFacts Coordinator, Pennsylvania Department of Education

Joseph Cowan – PDE

“ES3 has been a wonderful tool that has helped us decrease the amount of time we spend on putting together data files, and submitting them to EDFacts.  Wyoming is very happy with ES3 and the services ESP has provide us. It has made a huge positive impact on all of our EDFacts reporting and has made it so much easier and enjoyable.”

– Shannon Cranmore, EDFacts Coordinator/Data Analyst, Wyoming Department of Education


Shannon Cranmore – WDE

“Our state’s relationship with ESP is outstanding. With seven annual district-level data collections, we rely heavily on ESP’s State Report Manager and associated support. Their approach to project management and technical assistance provide stability to our districts’ reporting requirements, which is increasingly important in the changing educational environment. We continue to value our partnership with ESP.”

– Brian K Laurent, Data Management Supervisor, Alaska Department of Education & Early Development

Brian Laurent, Alaska EED

“DESE has worked with ESP since 2005. ESP’s services have ranged from datamart design and development, data dictionary development, report development, student ID management, EDFacts reporting, to statewide data collection. In every task, we have found them to be knowledgeable and very willing to do what is necessary to deliver their work on time and to our specifications.”

– Amber Castleman, Director-Core Data/MOSIS, Office of Data System Management, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Amber Castleman | Missouri DESE

“ESP’s initial contract was completed within the original time frame and budget, and DDOE retains a relationship with ESP through an ongoing support and maintenance contract.”

Reese Robinson – Delaware DOE